SkillDisplay is a skill management platform, supporting the creation and usage of directed a-cyclic graphs for skills and learning paths to traverse them - so called SkillPaths. A SkillPath covers requirements for existing certifications of a certain area of knowledge.

SkillDisplays unique feature: single areas of knowledge - so called Skills - can be verified by different people: by yourself, by educational institutes, an official certification exam or by an employer.

Open Preview is ending by 2018 - Welcome to the Closed Beta

As the year draws to a close, it is time for us to move into the next phase of development. The closed beta begins on 31.12.2018.

What that means, you can read in this blog post.

5 steps to understand SkillDisplay

Are you new to the platform? Check out our tutorial.


Max Seifert, graduate of the HTL Rennweg 3 Vienna

Max Seifert
HTL3 Rennweg

Ferdinand Kasper - HTL3R Vienna

Ferdinand Kasper
HTL3 Rennweg

Jochen Weiland Owner

Jochen Weiland

Anja Leichsenring - TYPO3 GmbH

Anja Leichsenring
Technical Consultant